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Reviews for Fatherhood and its Representations in Middle English Texts (D.S. Brewer, 2013):


Rachel Moss’ superbly thought-through book on fatherhood addresses ‘an odd critical lacuna’ in medieval gender studies, namely, the exact role and nature of what ‘fatherhood’ means to the socially privileged. … Moss’ book fills admirably this gap in gender analysis through its juxtaposing of romance fiction with non-literary historical discourse.

The Medieval Review:

Dr. Moss brings both literary and historical sources together in a
convincing and welcome book that will profit anyone interested
European family history, romances, letters, English gentry,
literature, or masculinity. The careful contextualization in time
(long fifteenth century) and place (England) is successful, and her
conclusions and arguments offer much to an increasingly broad and
international community of scholarship, both on England and broader
themes shared across Europe.


Overall, I enjoyed Moss’s respective analyses of the letters and of the romances; she deftly handles a wide variety of sources and certainly demonstrates her abilities as a literary critic and an historian. 

On Goodreads:

For a slim volume, this book has a lot to say! Through the close reading of Middle English romances, as well as correspondence from real families of the time, the concept of fatherhood is explored – what does it mean to be a father? How are fathers perceived? 


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