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I’m excited to announce the publication of my essay, “Clot”, in Emily Horgan and Zach Dickson’s edited collection So Hormonal (Monstrous Regiment, 2020), a fantastic anthology about hormones, feminism and society.

Other recent publications for mainstream publications include:


The Vulnerable Academic Body for Avidly (The Los Angeles Review of Books)

Medieval Millennials for History Today 

A Medieval Valentine for History Today 

Medieval Fatherhood for History Today 


Teaching Generation Z for Times Higher Education

Marking: How to keep your head for Times Higher Education 

Triggering Debate: Free Speech, Safety and Students for History Today 

Academic Culture 

For Times Higher Education:

How I coped with bereavement in academia 

For tolerance of body diversity, academia gets a big, fat zero

Is your woke academic friend actually a manipulative sock puppet?

Commuting: A life sentence for academics

That’s driving me up the wall! 

The long view: Scholars assess the state of history 

Is there a cultural of denial around sexual misconduct in academia?

Summertime, and the livin’ is queasy

Academics’ New Year’s resolutions 

Radical acts of kindness are more needed than ever

Book Reviews 

For Times Higher Education:

Dante by John Took

Toward A Global Middle Ages, ed. by Bryan C Keene

Mother: An Unconventional History by Sarah Knott

Teaching Rape in the Medieval Literature Classroom: Approaches to Difficult Texts, edited by Alison Gulley

Medieval Sensibilities: A History of Emotions in the Middle Ages by Damien Boquet and Piroska Nagy

Weeping for Dido: The Classics in the Medieval Classroom by Marjorie Curry Woods

Book of the Week: Medieval Bodies: Life, Death and Art in the Middle Ages by Jack Hartnell

A Short History of Medieval Christianity by G.R. Evans 

Book of the Week: Joan of Arc by Helen Castor 

Mother of Mercy, Bane of the Jews by Kati Ihnat

Seeing Sodomy in the Middle Ages by Robert Mills 

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