Yes, I am back from honeymoon. Our wedding was one month ago today, and already feels like it happened rather a long time ago! It was a wonderful time, and thanks for the good wishes you sent.

I want to get back into blogging here, but for the moment here’s a little promo for an event at the University of Oxford next week. I hope some of you may be able to attend!


Lucretia commits suicide after her rape; detail from “Memorable Deeds and Sayings of the Romans”, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, MS 66 B 13
MEDIEVAL GENDER READING GROUP – first meeting of Michaelmas term
WEEK 2: Thursday 24th October, 1 – 2pm
Sponsored by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities

THEME: Ravishing Maidens: Reading Rape as Researchers and Teachers

Much excellent, thought-provoking work has been done on the role of rape in medieval narratives – literary and legal – but, as recent heated public discussion over the “Blurred Lines” of consent makes clear, contemporary understanding of rape remains complicated. In this week’s reading group, we will discuss a short medieval narrative that includes rape in a brief scene that is, however, a vital plot point. We will consider this alongside a short article on pedagogical approaches to discussing literary rape.

Everyone, of a
ny disciplinary background, is very welcome to join this informal reading group for interdisciplinary discussion related to gender and sexualities in the middle ages. Graduate students are encouraged to attend.

Location:Graduate Training Room, Radcliffe Humanities Building (see map:

A free sandwich lunch will be provided. Contact Rachel Moss (
to receive the reading material for this week.