This is a brand new project by one of my former PhD colleagues, Debs Thorpe! Debs has always had a really creative approach to her work so I’m not surprised to see her doing an exciting project. Anyone with an interest in medical humanities, check it out.

I’ve just successfully applied to begin a new postdoctoral project at the University of York. In celebration and preparation, I thought I’d introduce the project and begin with some of my preliminary thoughts.

     I’ll explain how it all happened. Nearing the lowest point of my mid-afternoon slump, I gathered up some print-outs of my latest journal article and headed to a cafe. I had many revisions to do, and a long afternoon in front of me. The place was heaving, with almost every seat filled. A man asked if he could share my table, and we embarked on some silent but companionable work. Something promoted him to ask me what I was doing, and – always relishing the opportunity to talk about anything – I explained that I was using facsimiles of manuscripts to attempt to give a name to an anonymous medieval scribe. He told me that he…

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