Image by Claire Morris Photography

Next weekend (!) I am getting married (!!). Immediately after that we go on honeymoon, arriving back just in time for 0th Week (a peculiar but charming name Oxford gives to the week when students arrive back and lots of admin but no teaching takes place). So there will be no blog posts for a little while. When I return my book will be officially out. I am having a small book launch in October and copies of the book will be available at discount there, but I am also being sent some vouchers by Boydell & Brewer that will offer a substantial discount too. I am very happy to post these out to you if you want to get in touch! In the meantime, have a wonderful September, and if you have any thoughts on topics you might like to see me write about here, do let me know! I have a few ideas for future posts, but blog-writing is about having a conversation with readers, so your thoughts are appreciated.