And now y shal telle ȝow of þe noble Erl Thomas of Lancastre. When he was taken & brouȝt to Ȝork, meny of þe citee were ful glade, and oppon him criede wiþ hye voice, “A, sire traitoure! ȝe arne welcome, blessed be God! for now shal ȝe haue þe reward þat longetyme ȝe haue diserued!” and caste oppon him meny snoweballes, and meny oþer reproues dede him. But þe gentil Erl þat soffrede, and saide neþer on ne oþere.

The Brut, or The Chronicles of England. Ed. by Friedrich W.D. Brie for the Early English Text Society (O.S. 131, 136), p. 221.